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Reverse periodisation

reverse periodisation is a logical framework for training

Reverse periodisation is a relatively new concept to the world of endurance training. Usually a 'macro-cycle' (usually a period of a year) of training involves starting with easy, 'long slow distance' rides/runs, combined with hypertrophic (muscle building) exercises in the gym, followed by specific drills and quality work -which in the vast number of cases is synonymous with training anaerobic glycolysis (maximal efforts less than 12', usually 1') and little else.

Reverse periodisation involves following this same basic structure, but backwards. And in fact it makes more sense to structure things this way. Hence I begin all macro-cycles with a period of accustomisation to exercise, followed by a period of strength work, followed by a period or power work, moving to a period of lactic power training, followed by lactic tolerance and power together with endurance spins. Of course no two riders are the same, so the actual work done and how it's done varies enormously within this framework.


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